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The Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men 2022

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2021 is coming to an end, and 2022 is fast approaching!
Ready for a gift for yourself or a loved one in the new year? A leather messenger bag for everyday use is a great choice.

Before you do, you must be sure you're buying the correct type of messenger bag. Leather messenger bags should give you a look you want and do what you need them to do. These are the types of questions and requirements you should be thinking about before buying:

Exists space for my fitness center gear?

Will it fit under the seat before me on an airplane?

Does it carry my 15-inch laptop?

Is the bag most likely to be as well heavy to bring longer distances?

Relying on which type of carrier bag you select, the response to the above will differ. To get what you want out of a natural leather messenger bag, you must understand the differences between the kinds available.



4 Types of Leather Grades and Leather Qualities


Understanding the different types of leather is the most important thing to understand when choosing a messenger bag. Well, that is if you want a bag made from leather, of course!If that's the case, study up on your leather know-how stat. Here are the main terms you'll come across:


        Full Grain leather

What is Full Grain Leather? Full Grain Leather comes from the hide's top layer, which has ALL of the Grain, therefore, FULL Grain. The natural surface of full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. It is the best leather you can buy.

You're looking for a leather strong enough to take a beating and last. To get that, you'll need to look for full-grain, cowhide leather. It's the thickest of the types of leather, and not only does it last forever, but it also gets more beautiful over time.

This cut of leather contains the outer layout of the hide, referred to as the "grain"; it hasn't been sanded or buffed to remove any imperfections. Generally, only the hair is removed on full-grain leathers. The Grain generally has densely packed fibers that are finer; this results in a surface that is very strong, durable, and can withstand rugged use.

Because it undergoes no sanding, the surface can have minor imperfections. These might be from where a cow rubbed up against a fence, a small cut they might have received, or scrapes from everyday life. Whole grain hides without many blemishes are the most prized, as they are least expected and are the most visually appealing.

Those surface fibers are also what gives it the most strength of any leather type. This makes it suitable for saddlery, footwear, and furniture. Since the outer layer isn't removed, it develops a patina (a surface color change from use) over time that can be pleasing to the eye. The outer layer provides some water-resistance qualities as well. Full Grain is looked upon as the highest quality leather available.


Full Grain leather messenger bag


       Top Grain Leather

What is Top Grain Leather? Top Grain Leather is the second-highest grade because it is split from the top layer of blemished hide then sanded and refinished. This is how they get rid of scars and scrapes and light cow brands. Top grain leather does not age nicely with use. They sanded off the most muscular fibers of the hide, leaving mainly the horizontal (easily pulled apart) fibers.

Top-grain leather isn't too shabby either. It's not as durable as full-grain, but it'll still stand the test of time and stay beautiful.

This cut is very similar to full-grain, except it has had the very top layer sanded and/or buffed to remove imperfections and irregularities in the finish. This made the leather softer and more pliable, with various dyes and finished applied to it. 

While this sanding makes it more visually appealing, it also removes a lot of the strength and water-repellent qualities of full grain leather. This we begin to see a tradeoff between leather strength and leather look and softness.

 Given its softness and flexibility, top grain leather is often used in high-end leather goods, including handbags, wallets, and shoes.


        Genuine Leather (Corrected Leather)


What is Genuine Leather? Genuine leather is the third grade of leather produced from the layers of a hide that remain after the top is split off for better grades. The surface is usually refinished (spray painted) to resemble a higher grade. FUN FACT: Genuine leather is the most common leather used in wallets, bags, belts, and other products mass-produced by influential designer brands and is what you typically find in department store leather goods. This is why they break so quickly and don't last even though they are made with "real" leather.

Genuine leather can come from any hidden layer and undergo treatment to the surface to provide a more uniform, "corrected" appearance. It can be sanded or buffed to remove surface imperfections, then dyed (or spray painted) or stamped/embossed to give it a final surface appearance.

The process alters some of the preferred qualities of leather, so while not a top quality, it is often used for belts and similar goods.

         Bonded Leather(Reconstituted Leather)

What is Bonded Leather? Bonded leather is the dust and shavings of the leather glued and pressed together. It is the cheapest leather you can get and, quite frankly, Junk!  Leftover scraps are ground together with glue and resurfaced to look pretty. Bonded leather is weak and falls apart quickly with use. This is also typically labeled "Real Leather." Don't be fooled. Bonded leather is like the scrapple or hot dogs of leather; it is made up of leather scraps that are finely shredded and bonded together using polyurethane or latex onto a fiber mesh or sheet. The amount of leather in the actual mix can vary greatly (from 10%-90%) and thus affect the functional and aesthetic properties of the finished product.


Best Leather Messenger Bags for men in 2022

Please keep reading to learn about our best natural leather messengerbags for men in 2022.​​

Typical Leather Messenger Bags for men

These bags are usually the most oversized versions and maybe up to 18-20 inches long. If you're searching in this category, think carefully concerning what you're mosting likely to be putting into this bag, as these variants can get hefty. These are an excellent selection for those looking to store all their equipment for the day in a trendy yet valuable bag.

These are tried and also checked companions. Essentially, any bag with a crossbody band and a flap cover can consider a messenger bag.

If you're trying to find a combination of high-class style with real practical interior space, take a look at The leather briefcase messenger bag. If you're trying to find something a little bit more rough and ready, The Full Grain leather messenger bag is a great choice.



Satchel leather Messenger Bags for Men

Designed to be compact, satchel leather messenger bags are about carrying just the essentials. Ideal for traveling, pouches are perfect if you're planning to carry a book and a laptop for a plane trip.

These leather messenger bags are beautiful in their simpleness and usually include a clean and minimal, full flap style. Be sure to consider the measurements as you may still want to fit your laptop computer in one of these. We find The Brown Leather Satchel is great for those looking for a bag in this category.


Brown Leather Satchel

Laptop Leather Messenger Bags for Men

These bags are usually slightly smaller and are designed to protect and secure your laptop. They are usually used more for work than leisure and may have paper, business cards, and pens sections. These bags are perfect for a workweek and are the perfect companion for Monday through Friday.

If you go down this road, be sure to look for a messenger bag with a padded laptop compartment and read the dimensions carefully. Like ours, most online stores list laptops that fit diagonal screen sizes (so find that tape measure before buying!.

If you're looking for something in those areas, we found this laptop leather messenger bag that perfectly fits a laptop while still small enough to carry comfortably daily.


laptop leather messenger bag

Briefcase Leather Messenger Bags for Men

First day at a new job? Just got a promotion? Meeting a new client? Leather briefcases will make the right first impression every time. Briefcase Messenger Bags are crafted with the ultimate refined leather and are perfect for making a great first impression.

These items are designed to hold larger files and laptops, as well as pens, business cards, cables and anything else the modern professional needs.

You can usually go two ways with a leather briefcase. More miniature leather briefcases, such as The Top Grain, are lightweight, easy to carry, and usually hold your laptop and a few documents. These are ideal for business meetings.

The Top Grain leather messenger bag

Another option is a more oversized leather briefcase, such as The UIM. These will hold enough gear for a busy day of commuting to the office. They are a little heavy but will ensure that you can carry everything you need.



Be sure to pick the type of leather messenger bag that best suits your needs. Look for something that not only matches the style you are looking for but is also practical. If you take the time to do this, you may find that your leather messenger bag is your everyday companion for years to come.

If you found this best men's leather messenger bags guide 2022 helpful, check out our complete collection of leather messenger bags. 

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